5 Bad UX Examples You Must Avoid

Learn how to use the power of UX to turn your website into a successful application

Making your application or website successful is not all about adding features there. One thing that is more effective than having great features is making the user experience better.This UX or user experience means to make things better, attractive, productive, and functional for the users. However, some designers fail at doing this efficiently.

It makes the users get fed up with the website, and the success of your project becomes very slow.

Top UX examples you should avoid with your project

If you are looking to make your application or website user experience better, here we have discussed some bad UX examples that you can avoid in your applications.

Not showing your website tabs in an exact way

The worst thing to do with your application is to make some excellent functionality and productivity features but not make them as visible.

  • Some of the features do not have access or information from the homepage or landing page.
  • It is something that most of the users do not know, and they keep using some other platform for the features that they do not know that you are also providing.

So, always try to highlight all the features that are there but only in a relevant way.

The UX is not that functional, although it looks stunning

Your UX looks excellent, but in terms of user experience, it is not that great. Then what is the purpose of having a catchy UX? It is because this UX will not be beneficial for any of the users. So, they can make the UX of your functional and well looking at the same time.

Using clickbait is the wrong choice

Sometimes people only want the application or website to get the attention of the user. For this purpose, most of the time, the clickbait technique is used.

  • Although it receives the user's attention for one time, they will make sure that they never visit that application again.
  • Not only this, but the users also tend to hate these kinds of websites.

Bad Header designing

A header has avital importance for an application or website. It is because it tells a lot about the application and its functionality in the first look. However, this needs to go away as soon as it is not required. The worst thing that UX designers do is that they make the header very large, and this will not go away. When you are making the application the application, make sure that the application's header is better. It should adjust itself according to the device.

Inconsistency in your content and UX

Having inconsistency in the application is another way to make the UX bad. Here are some examples of things that have inconsistency.

  • Buttons
  • Contrast
  • Fonts

While designing the application, you must make sure that every element of the application is designed in the right way where the details match with the theme of the application, and all the features are well highlighted.


Having a good UX means a lot for an application because it will help people easily and efficiently. It also helps the application on its road to success. However, sometimes the design of the application will not provide a great user experience. It is because of the bad UX practices. Here we mentioned some bad UX examples that you can avoid for making the UX of your application better.