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Introduce users to your product

Intro.js is a popular, open-source onboarding library

Install Intro.js

You can install Intro.js in a few simple steps. Intro.js consists of two main files, the JavaScript part and the CSS part which renders the elements nicely.

1 Include the JavaScript and CSS

Intro.js is available on NPM and most CDNs


2 Call the introJs.start() method

The start() method configures the library and starts the product tour.

steps: [{
intro: "Hello world!"
}, {
element: document.querySelector('#login'),
intro: "Click here to login!"
Easy to Use

The simplicity of Intro.js API will help you to develop an advanced onboarding for your products. Intro.js is lightweight, 10kB and has no external dependencies!


Intro.js provides various ways to configure your product onboarding and customize every single step of your tour.


Intro.js is Free and open-source, published under AGPL license. We also provide commercial license, supporting your team to successfully integrate Intro.js!

Commercial license

Lifetime license. Once-off payment.

Intro.js is AGPL-licensed and open-source. However, if you want to use Intro.js in your commercial app, website or plugin, you would need to obtain a commercial license.


  • One project

  • No commercial support

  • Regular product updates

  • Lifetime license

Most popular


  • 5 projects

  • 1 month commercial support

  • 1 custom theme

  • Regular product updates

  • Lifetime license


  • Unlimited projects

  • 3 months support

  • 3 custom themes

  • Regular product updates

  • Lifetime license

Custom plan

Contact us today to build your own custom Intro.js plan. We can help you create a custom support plan according to your needs!

Over 5,000 businesses of all sizes trust us