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In this page you can find different ways to obtain an Introjs version and install it.


Intro.js doesn’t have any dependencies and you don’t need to install anything else. Follow the instruction in next steps to download and install Introjs.


Now that you’ve got everything installed, let’s get to work!

You can obtain your local copy of Intro.js from:


Download it from CDN:


Using bower:

bower install intro.js --save


Using npm:

npm install intro.js --save


Download the source from git repository, using git clone Git repo

We don’t recommend to download the source from the Git because it might have some unstable changes.


After download the source, you need to add it to the page. Introjs has two main parts, the css and js files.

You need to add the JS file (intro.js) before closing the body tag (</body>) and adding the CSS file (introjs.css) to the header (<head>).

That’s it! Now follow next steps or go to Quick Start page.


You can use Introjs for RTL websites as well (e.g. Farsi). What you need to do is adding introjs-rtl.css file after the main CSS file (introjs.css)

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