Right-to-left tour

Right-to-left tour

Intro.js supports RTL by default. Simply include introjs-rtl.css and customize buttons:

import * as style from 'intro.js/introjs-rtl.css';

or include the CSS file from CDN in your HTML:

<link type="text/css" href="" rel="stylesheet" />
  nextLabel: 'بعد',
  prevLabel: 'قبل',
  doneLabel: 'اتمام',
  steps: [{
    intro: '👋 سلام دنیا'
    element: document.querySelector('.card-demo'),
    intro: 'یک مرحله دیگه'
    title: 'بدرود',
    element: document.querySelector('.card__image'),
    intro: 'باحال نیست؟'
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The Quaco Head Lighthouse is a well maintained lighthouse close to St. Martins. It is a short, beautiful walk to the lighthouse along the seashore.