Five Amazing Benefits of User Onboarding You Should Know

Trying to figure out if user onboarding is the right choice for your product? Here's what you need to know about user onboarding and how it can make a huge difference for your company

Do you know what user onboarding is all about? What is the relationship between user onboarding and your product? When you define user onboarding, it simply guides the new users to quickly and easily find value in your product. Think of it as a small welcoming bridge between acquiring new customers and turning them into happy, loyal ones. In essence, this is the first point of contact as soon as a user signs up. This eventually makes a huge difference to make a powerful first impression.

Today, the majority of users have little patience and little attention span. They will probably lose interest in case your product is complex and confusing to use. It has to be friendly and attractive when they open it for the first time. This is the moment when user onboarding makes its way into the picture. Let's discuss the top 5 benefits of user onboarding you should know about:

Benefit No 1: Onboarding Improves the Product Adoption

SaaS is Software As A Service and refers to the software licensing model. It is based on user subscription in terms of monthly or annual payments. The model introduces some latest features to meet the basic needs of new customers and create extra value. Nevertheless, a user will start using your product after a specific period. User Onboarding guides some new features to fasten the users' adaptation process easily. Shortly, all such product tours can also increase the vast opportunity to upsell & upgrade your customers' existing plans.

Benefit No 2: Onboarding Users Boost Conversion Rate Another significant benefit of user onboarding is that it increases the conversion rate. For any SaaS company, the conversion rate is considered to be an essential metric. New customers have been making their purchase decision in less than 1 minute. During this critical time, you should never leave your potential customers alone. User onboarding tools have been allowing you to increase the conversion rates with little effort. Through a well-designed product tour, you can easily lead your users towards success.

Benefit No 3: Onboarding Educate the Users and Boost Retention

In any SaaS business, an essential element is to educate your users and boost retention. You have to convince the users to continue paying at standard terms. Paying users will tend to keep paying the subscription fees for various easy to use products. Otherwise, they will start to look for some other alternatives. Overall, it will increase product usage and retention rate. In short, a well-onboarded user is a happy user, and a happy user is a paying user.

Benefit No 4: Onboarding Increases Customer Engagement

It is not essential to use SaaS tools only for entertainment. These tools use your product because they need to solve something complicated, thanks to your software immediately. Involvement of User onboarding tools will help you use SaaS tools comfortably. In this way, users will be able to reach their goals quickly and easily. With the help of user onboarding software, you will display the real product value to users. This plays an important role in a successful user onboarding process.

Benefit No 5: Onboarding Reduces Customer Support Costs

Customer service officers will answer the same questions so many times related to product usage. This probably takes a significant amount of time. This is because user onboarding will be giving some helpful tips to all the customers related to how they can use it. In this scenario, the customer support cost will be reduced seriously. To reduce that cost, preparing a reusable onboarding flow is an efficient solution.

Closing Thoughts

User onboarding is the most significant part of the digital user experience. If designed carefully, it can eventually result in the user who is becoming your brand's regular user. They make sure they stick around for the long haul. You can better take some guidance from an expert to know the basics of user onboarding and its value for your product. Make sure you don't do it poorly or overlook it. Keep in mind the competition you have today. Do it right, from the start.