Best Tools for Startup Growth Hackers in 2021

With many startups failing soon after they begin, growth hacking can make or break your marketing campaign. Here are the best tools to use

What makes a startup fail in most cases soon after it commences? The answer is not making its presence known in the required amount of time. That's when growth hacking comes into the picture. Growth hacking has been around for over a decade now. You can call it a branch or type of marketing in one way, but there is one difference between mainstream digital marketing and growth hacking. The focus of growth hacking is simply growth. It does not focus on selling a single product like marketing does at a time. Growth hacking is supposed to be all about creative tactics and carrying out well-thought-out strategies.

Thanks to the digital age, not only do we have growth hacking, but we also have tools to make it easy. These tools are designed to boost sales and help you execute your growth hacking strategies. If you're looking to get your hands on some growth hacking tools that would get your startup's name out there, then this article is for you. Here we bring you a list of the best tools for startup growth hackers.

1. Artboard Studio is the first tool on our list. It helps you showcase your products and services through dozens of visually pleasing templates. The best part is that it lets you design everything right from your browser. So, you don't have to download any other software or plugins to get the job done. Artboard studio lets you get your hands on designed templates of mockups and also allows you to design your own. You can also link your artboard studio account directly with other platforms such as Google Drive or Facebook to make sharing easier.

2. Survey Monkey is one of the most popular tools designed to help you create online surveys. These surveys are undoubtedly a great way to connect with your target audience and get their feedback. You can access survey templates through this tool and create surveys to get some answers from your valued prospects. Survey monkey also assists you with best practices in creating surveys in case you're a newbie. Access sample questions are written by experts that would give you a brief idea of customer feedback.

3. User Testing is used by large corporations all over the world due to its innovative features. This tool allows you to connect with users and get reviews of products or services. You can set a custom audience and reach out to your targeted individuals then communicate with them. Usertesting gives you the fastest insights and lets you know where you got it wrong. You can experiment again and again with Usertesting till you get that desired positive feedback from customers. Remember, your customer experience plays a major role in your startup!

4. Google Analytics

The number one tool for analytics is none other than Google Analytics. Designed entirely for the purpose of carrying out performance calculations, Google Analytics gives you control over all of your insights in one place. The best part about this AI tool is that it's completely free. You can easily analyze your strategies and see which move is performing the best through this tool.

5. Feedier

Feedier is a tool made for you to get feedback from your customers in a "fun" way. That's right. Feedier allows users to give their feedback through a video-game-like interface, which makes this experience engaging for them. You can get in touch with your customers straight up through their email. Once the feedback is processed, Feedier gives you a thorough result of your customer insights. The best part, however, is that customers love Feedier due to its unique way of acquiring feedback.