Intro.js v3 🎉

Intro.js v3 release and annoucement

I'm more than happy to announce that we have released the Intro.js v3! This version fixes major issues and adds a lot of new features!

  • Improved the default user-interface and the overall UX. Modern and user-friendly buttons, modal, etc.
  • Added
    field to the intro steps
  • Fixed the target element position issues (and the
  • Improved test coverage
  • And many more minor improvements and bug fixes

Check out the product changelog on

In addition to this major Intro.js release we have also updated our website and documentation!

Big shout out to Jalal Azimi for his amazing work on migrating the Intro.js codebase from legacy JavaScript to ES6 and Benjamin J DeLong for addressing the element

issues. Thank you folks!

Thanks for reading ✌️