5 Ways to Increase the Free Trial Conversion Rate

Write a user onboarding experience that will help you boost your conversion rates with this guide

A free trial is sort of a short-lived experience that a consumer gets of your product or service. The goal of this free trial is to encourage the user to buy the product you're selling. Free trials are conducted to give users a short or small taste of whatever you're selling. This can potentially spark interest in the consumer's mind and make them interested in your product or feature. If done correctly, free trials can help you get customers on your side and even get your word out there in public.

These trials can last from 3 to 30 days. It depends on the product type mostly. The more time is given to users in free trials, the more features the product usually has. The time period should be just right. Enough for the user to explore all of the features and benefits of the software or product with no rush.

There are tons of ways to ensure free trials help users convert. But the top five most effective ways to increase the free trial conversion rate are described below.

1. Help Users Explore Features

The first thing users need in free trials is guidance. Don't leave them all alone to figure features out. Rather guide them through the trial through onboarding experiences and let them explore the benefits that your product offers. Give them instructions about complicated features and structure a helpful walkthrough to let them have a bright free trial experience with your product.

2. Give Users What They Need

Personalizing user experience is a great way to convert prospective buyers. Use this approach to fit in the user's special needs. This does not mean all you have to do is send emails. Instead, find information about your target audience and see where they need help the most. Once you assist them with their personal needs, they would understand that you genuinely want to make their lives better through your product. Hence, the free trial would most likely succeed.

3. Set Ideal Trial Length

Setting the perfect trial length is also something most developers screw up with. The trial length should have to be just long enough for the user to explore all of the product's features. If it's too short, the user won't be fully satisfied and most likely will not convert. If it's too long, then you're letting money slide by giving your top features away for a long time without charging for them.

4. Ask for Feedback

Feedback is the most important aspect of free trials. The user is experimenting with your product or software. You need their feedback to improve. Always set up a feedback survey at the end of your free trial. Get the necessary info you need about where you need to improve and how was the customer's experience. Users would also take you asking for feedback as a sign that you care about fulfilling their needs.

5. Use Analytics

Using analytics is a great way to improve. Not only can you use this to examine the personal preferences of your target audience, but you can also realize where you need improvement. See which features are mostly ignored by free trial users. Work on these features and make them better. The reason why they don't get attention from users could be a fault or a bug. Sort these problems out and convert users through your free trials.

By opting for these five ways, your free trial conversion rate would most likely spike up. This would also construct a strong bond between you and your prospects, which would only benefit both parties!